Kickass Proxy server list 2021

Kickass Proxy server list 2021

What is Kickass Proxy?

Kickass Proxies are websites that are designed to allow users to access Kickass Torrents. Kickass Torrents has been banned in several countries. Proxies will make it look like you’re navigating from another location, so you can browse Kickass Torrents even though it is blocked in your country.

List of best working Kickass Proxy server 

Sometimes finding the accurate kickass proxy server to access the kickass torrent is quite difficult and irritating, hence the mentioned proxy sites allow the users to access the torrent library easily from kickass torrents : 

S.NoProxy Server
1Kickass Proxy 1
2Kickass Proxy 2
3Kickass Proxy 3
4Kickass Proxy 4
5Kickass Proxy 5
6Kickass Proxy 6
7Kickass Proxy 7
8Kickass Proxy 8
9Kickass Proxy 9

What are the options for getting Kickass unblocked?

In most cases,  Kickass Proxy is unavailable because it has been banned by the internet service provider; in such cases, one may use one of these methods to unblock  Kickass server: Unblocking  Kickass server with VPN, DNS blocking, Comprehensive blocking of domains, and IP addressesand Unblocking  Kickass server with proxy.

Domains and IP addresses are fully blocked:

The websites are available via a unique domain name and are hosted on a unique IP address. ISPs connect banned domains to their blacklists and prohibit you from accessing them using their domain name or IP address. Using a virtual private network is the only way to circumvent these restrictions (VPN).

DNS blocking

DNS hijacking is a technique used by ISPs to direct your DNS requests to their servers (when you type a domain name in the URL bar of your browser). By pushing your own DNS servers on your computer, you can easily get around DNS blocking. The majority of ISPs employ a more comprehensive domain and IP lock.

Methods to Unblock Kickass:

Unblock Kickass Server by using VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) turns a public internet service into a private network, allowing you online privacy and anonymity. Since it is not completely open and the proxy server lacks security that can be easily tracked, this type of website needs a VPN to log in. It’s a mutual network, which means that the site doesn’t publish or handle the free content; instead, the clients do. The website is well-designed and accessible for free. Getting to the internet, on the other hand, has become more outrageous and complicated. It’s a time-saving tool for quickly finding facts with little effort. There are a few well-known VPN services that are commonly used, including EXPRESS VPN, which is a virtual private network service offered by Express VPN International Ltd, a British Virgin Islands-based company. The software is marketed as a privacy and security tool that encrypts and hides users’ IP addresses. This gives you access to over 200,000 IP addresses in return for the use of your large participant list. Nord VPN is a virtual private network (VPN) service, provider. It has Windows, macOS, and Linux desktop applications, as well as Android and iOS mobile apps and an Android TV station. Kickass server can be unlocked via NORDVPN. The service has a total of 4000 servers distributed across more than 60 countries.

Unblock Kickass Server by using web proxy 

In certain countries, accessing the kickass torrent website is almost impossible.  In these cases, a proxy or mirror website may be used to display both torrent files and magnetic connections contained in the Kickass torrent index from other websites. Several separate mirrors are usually accessible at any one time. Everyone has the power to change stability, defence, and pace, so leave your options open at all times. There are a number of these websites available. Most are multi-functional, allowing you to unblock a variety of frequently censored websites, including YouTube, social media, and torrent pages.

Unblock Kickass Server by using Tor browser

Second way to unblock kickass servers is by using Tor Browser. Tor Browser Bundle is a free web browser that lets you route your web traffic via multiple encrypted proxies. This not only gets around your ISP’s torrent ban, but it also masks your IP address from the websites you visit. It’s completely open and  really easy to set up. But most of the time, the speeds are excruciatingly slow. Captchas on traditional websites will bore you to death. Procedure to use tor browser are :

  • Installing the Tor browser according to the system such as windows, Linux, Mac or Android. 
  • Navigation towards compatible torrent server.
  •  Enter the preferred  URL in the browse bar.
  • Download the file easily.

Unblock Kickass Server by changing DNS server

ISPs also use DNS blocking as their sole method of blocking. DNS translates the IP address to website names, which widely restricts access to torrent sites. An IP address is similar to your home’s postal address. Data travels from your computer to the server and back to your device as you access the internet. Your IP address is used by websites to locate your computer and give it the appropriate data. Hence transforming it into a public DNS will solve the issue.

Kickass proxy history

Kickass Torrents, was established in 2008 and by November of 2014. It is a website that serves as a repository for torrent files and magnet links in order to promote peer to peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol. Kickass proxies are online proxies that are designed to link to Kickass Torrents and other torrent pages.  It is one of the best sites for downloading movies, music, sports, TV shows, and applications from the internet, where the material and resources available are not uploaded or managed by the website. According to the site’s Alexa list, Kickass torrent has surpassed The Pirate Bay as the most popular BitTorrent directory in the world.

How does this site help us ?

Kickass Torrents has been shut down on many occasions and has had to relocate to escape court problems. When the domain was confiscated by the United State government on  20 July 20, Kickass Torrents went offline for a while. Around the same time, the proxy servers were also shut down by their employees.  In December 2016 kickass torrents employees resurrected the Kickass Torrents culture by developing a website that mimicked its predecessor’s features and appearance. A Kickass proxy is a website that allows you to enter Kickass Torrents via a backdoor. They’ll disguise your IP address and encourage you to enter the web by making your browser appear to be located in a country where KickassTorrents is accessible. Many people nowadays choose to use premium apps for free, play a popular game for free, or watch expensive TV shows and movies for free; however, all of these can be obtained by merely installing them from the Kickass Proxy server. Torrent files allow you to download new releases in the form of movies, songs, tv shows, ebooks, and apps. Peer-to-peer communication is used to view and download the content. Depending on the kind of content you’re downloading, the files can be very big.  Kickass proxy servers are very much active and millions of people all over the world trust them.

Why are sites like KickassTorrents being blocked?

In many countries, the legal bodies restrict access to kickass servers for many reasons. The major one because most of the content available on the torrent servers is pirated, so the government bans the pages. From your country/region you do not have access to the Kickass Proxy. This is due to the blocking of the web in your area. This is a very popular reason for the web of Kickass Proxy. Almost everything including games, movies, songs, software, books, digital products, etc are available in this torrent server for free of cost, thus the original content creators have always an eye on that. The original creator of that freely available content would like to get paid for creating that piece of content. As a result, some of the more well-known torrent sites have been banned in several countries. There are also a number of options to access this website by using proxies, which are copies of the actual website and may deliver the same performance, but they could be blocked by the local administration. To access the torrent, one must use the Kickass proxy sites. Finding the right Kickass proxy position isn’t straightforward, and it can be frustrating and difficult at times.


As we go through all of the potential Kickass proxy situations, it’s worth devoting some of your precious time to downloading some awesome valuable material. The kickass server will keep you coming back for a long time because of the high quality of the material. There is no fee to view all of the materials, and there is no charge to install any of the content. And the archive is enormous, containing a massive amount of material such as games, movies, apps, songs, and so on. As previously discussed, some big steps should be taken. One must still use a VPN provider to access the Kickass proxy, which will keep you safe first.