Limetorrents Proxy and Mirror Sites – Unblock Limetorrents


Limetorrents Proxy is getting most popular to download our favorite stuff. People were used to downloading from limetorrents. Because of copyright reasons, this is quite a better choice for downloading online. Limtorrents limetorrents proxy has no copyright issue while downloading movies or other data.

Limetorrents Proxy and Mirror Sites List

S.NoProxy Sites
1Limetorrents Proxy 1
2Limetorrents Proxy 2
3Limetorrents Proxy 3
4Limetorrents Proxy 4
5Limetorrents Proxy 5
6Limetorrents Proxy 6
7Limetorrents Proxy 7
8Limetorrents Proxy 8
9Limetorrents Proxy 9
10Limetorrents Proxy 10

What Are Limetorrents?

Limetorrents is the most convenient way to get data download. This is the most demanding among all torrents. Limetorrents is a fabulous way to get high-quality media from all of the resources. Once you download from the limetorrents, you will glue with this. Limetorrents offer almost all entertaining stuff like movies, games, series, e-books, software, etc. As a con, it is blocked by many of the ISP(Internet Service Providers). This might seem difficult to get download access to the viewers.

Why Limetorrents Proxy?

It will be quite difficult when you find your ISP not providing access to limetorrents. Many of the time you might find limetorrents is blocked. At that time users can get Limetorrents Proxy versions of the site. This will provide the same access and facility provided by limetorrents luckily. 

Limetorrents Proxy is easy to access and get high-quality data from it. This is simple to use and pocket-friendly. There is not any charge to access limetorrents proxy. Limetorrents are not accessible with some internet service providers and some of the countries like USA, UK, Australia and some other places. But proxy will work the best for users.

Let’s have a brief overview of some of these Proxy URLs.

  • Limetorrents Proxy is considered one of the best-authorized websites to download movies and all. This URL contains the Asia domain. For the particular Asian countries, one can easily access it.
  • This will always give on-demand data to the user. This limetorrents Asia URL is unblocked for all their users. This is easily available especially for the same region ISP.
  • Limetorrents Proxy is a user favorite among their competitions. Users will always find a quick response from this URL.

  • From its popularity we can figure out how famous among users. It has the ability to connect with many users and serve their download requirements. 
  • Limetorrents Proxy is considered a worldwide site. The site has a good system to connect with users in no time.
  • For a long time .com URL was also popular among the Asia region. This is another official website for limetorrents proxy.   

 How to download movies from Limetorrents Proxy?

  • Many of the time people use a virtual private network (VPN) to access blocked URL access. But limetorrents proxy will make this access more easy without the use of VPN. This will provide you all access to your demanding stuff. A proxy will not be blocked by any ISP. 
  • First of all, visit limetorrents proxy URL to download from it.
  • Then you need to find the search box and type for any looking kinds of stuff you need from it.
  • You will find the list of options with file name, size, last download time, screenshots, time is taken to download, etc.
  • You will find the magnetic link is attached with the title.
  • When you choose the title it will download the movies from it for free in few times.
  • This will download movies into your device and you can enjoy it anytime you like.
  • Users can also get all these data from limetorrents proxy applications. You will get desired data downloading from there.

How to download without limetorrents proxy account?

  • Users need to go through the following steps to download files from limetorrents proxy.
  • Go to the proxy URL and navigate to the search box. 
  • You can add the title of your movie, videos, or files. This will lead you to the Download torrent file 
  • You can download and make an account to download data from limetorrents proxy.
  • Then you need to go to the proxy URL again and find the “Magnet” button. And go to the “Open Magnet URL”.
  • After selecting this proxy will download your chosen stuff to your device’s selected location.

 Limetorrents Mirror

  • Limetorrents Proxy is much on demand to download movies, videos, and all such stuff. When any server is not able to provide a result to all consumers it is given to the subdomain.
  • A mirror provides the same image as shown to it. In the same case, lime torrents proxy has a different domain with the same URL. The main domain and subdomain of the site will be different and that is how the lime torrents mirror will work.

Limetorrents Alternative


  • This is also quite a famous torrents site over the internet. RARBG will provide updated good quality and downloading speed of video data. There can be some variation on the data provided from the site.
  • RARBG will provide users not secured data. That might not be available on other secured websites.
  • As a result of this users also need to face a big quantity of advertisements on the screen.

2. Pirate Bay

  • Pirate Bay has been providing data for their use for a long time. It manages to provide the best output to its site visitors. 
  • This is quite a user-oriented torrent site. One of the good points about the site is that ads cover very few page areas on the screen. Also there many pirate bay proxy sites are available to give users the best quality kinds of stuff.
  • The pirate bay serves user tags to make them trust the site security. This will make you feel safe while getting into the data download from it.

3. 1337X

  • 1337X is quite the most popular limetorrent proxy mirror site as per the survey. This is a community-based torrent site. This site is made for easy user access. 
  • Moreover, this is providing the best interface to sort and search data. This will make 1337X more accessible. This is available for all people around the world. 

Limetorrent Proxy works as one of the best things to download our favorite and useful data from the internet via ISP. This allows us to get movies, videos, files, e-books, software, etc. Limetorrent, limetorrent proxy, limetorrent mirrors all are available with the best user-oriented output. 

Disclaimer: This information is only for Educational purposes We Respect Piracy and Copyright Laws. We don’t promote privacy or illegal content.